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Nearly 5,000 ATMs disappeared in the UK last year in the move towards a cashless society


With an increasing number of stores now exclusively accepting credit or debit, Britain is increasingly moving towards being a cashless society.

Surge in gas and ram-raid ATM attacks


Thieves are increasingly trying to smash or blast their way into UK cash machines - with the number of attacks on ATMs nearly doubling in four years.

£1000 raised for Movember


Throughout November, our fantastic team, family and friends managed to raise a fantastic £1000 (and counting), reaching our initial goal for the Movember Foundation.

How small businesses can prepare for the rise of the cashless economy


As the cashless economy continues to grow businesses must plan for the future by enhancing customer experience to appeal to the new generation of tech-savvy Brits.

Cashless society edges step closer with 1 in 5 Brits now never carrying money


Around 50% of Brits believe cash is 'on the way out' and will ‘soon’ be replaced by alternative ways of paying for goods and services.

Mobile payments charge ahead as UK uptake quadruples in two years


Mobile payments such as Apple, Google and Samsung Pay have grown by 55% annually within the contactless arena and m-wallets now account for nearly 6% of all card transactions.

Our Customers Love Us!


We're celebrating achieving five stars on TrustPilot this month!

Benefits That A Cashless Society Brings


While many are aware of an active pursuit of a cashless society, not as many know about the benefits that it can bring to society as a whole.

Dirty money: UK cash crawling with diseases, researchers find


"If you haven’t ditched cash in favour of a card or contactless yet, you might want to think again."

The Lion roars with the backing of Card Saver


"The Cod Army - together with Andy’s Lancashire-based businesses BES Utilities and Card Saver - are now Brian’s headline sponsors."