Virtual Terminal

Take payments over the phone

With a virtual terminal, businesses of all sizes can accept credit and debit card payments by phone or mail order. The system is completely accessible from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any compatible device when online. This allows you to take payments in-store or on the go via a secure and simple method.

Not only that, take payments with a "pay by link", sending a direct payment link to your customers, allowing you to store card details electronically and automatically schedule when it will be delivered.

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Whether you're sending a customer a 'pay by link', using your mobile device on the go or taking payments over the phone, rest assured they will be carried out in a safe and secure manner, with level 1 PCI DSS protection. Includes real-time reporting to monitor all transactions and payments, giving you complete control to manage your business. For specific VT guides, please see our email receipts, merchant management system, pay button, recurring transaction agreements and velocity checks PDFs. Or, watch our instructional videos.

Pay By Link

Store the customers card details electronically


Payments using a level 1 compliant secure link

No code needed

Payments over the phone do not require a security code


Real-time reporting to monitor all transactions and payments

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is a web-based payment system for processing over-the-phone transactions. It's helpful to think of it as an online version of a card machine. It makes the payment process more efficient and less expensive - saving you time and money. You don't even need a company website to get one.

How do I take card payments over the phone?

When a customer calls to make a payment, log in to your virtual terminal on a computer, laptop or mobile. To complete the transaction, simply follow the steps on screen. In just a few seconds, the payment will be authorised and at that point, the customer will receive an email with their receipt, and the funds soon after, deposited into your account. You do not need to have a business website to process payments over the phone.

What types of cards can I process over the phone?

Our virtual terminals accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. Businesses and customers alike expect over the phone payment to be compatible with every card type.

Is it secure to accept card payments over the phone?

We use the latest fraud detection software to protect you and your customers. Moreover, we provide tier 1 DSS compliance for your business; the highest level of security the industry has to offer.

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