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With an industry-leading, future-proof card terminal by your side, your business can flourish in the inevitable cashless society. Extremely low terminal rentals, scarily low transaction fees and absolutely no setup or hidden charges - Card Saver is the perfect option to take your business forward with fast, reliable and secure debit/credit card payment processing.

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Card Saver are proud to say that we have no setup or installation fees and absolutely no hidden charges. We work with multiple independent and impartial merchant acquirers who are all competing for your business. This allows us to source and provide incredibly low transaction fees and very cheap terminal rental charges.

We have business solutions for in-store chip and pin, online e-commerce payment gateways and phone payment virtual terminals to suit any type of business, all with UK-based support.

Take a look at our future-proof, industry-leading card terminal options below.

No setup or installation fees

Multiple acquiring banks

Solutions for any business

UK-based support

Fixed-line static terminals

The fixed-line static card terminal is an essential piece of equipment for any business wanting to take payments from a fixed position. Completely future-proof, it comes with the ability to accept Contactless, Apple Pay & Android Pay payments, as standard. If you have a single till point and want to take fast and easy payments, this is the machine for you!

Requirements: The fixed-line static card terminal needs to be plugged directly into a phone line or into an broadband router.

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Wireless terminals

Wireless card machines have the reliability of a fixed-line static terminal and come with the latest technologies for advanced payment methods, but with no strings attached! These handy devices allow you to take the payment to the customer, away from your till point.

Perfect for bars and waiting staff, some wireless card terminals can also come with GPRS capabilities, if the WiFi network was to ever drop.

Requirements: Wireless card terminals need to be connected to a password protected broadband network, within range. Public WiFi locations and unsecured guest/Cloud networks will not be suitable.

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Mobile (GPRS) Terminals

Our mobile SIM card terminals are GPRS enabled, just like a mobile phone. This advanced technology enables you to use the card machine anywhere you like, given there is a reliable network signal. These terminals are our most versatile and are great for businesses who aren’t in one place for too long and tend to do business away from a fixed position.

Requirements: Mobile GPRS terminals work off the same network as mobile phones. As long as there is a consistent network signal, these machines will work perfectly.

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The Benefits

Are you new to cards or looking to switch and save money on your current provider?

New to card merchants can enjoy benefits such as increased revenue and trust amongst shoppers and the ability to supply your services or products online.

Looking to switch providers? We can offer you the ability to challenge Card Saver where we will show you exactly how much you'll save! We can even pay your cancellation fee for your current merchant services agreement in some cases. Most of all, we can save you money and provide a better service!

Accept Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay to speed up payments!
Increased Revenue
Statistics show that business revenue can increase by up to 25%-30% after introducing card payments.
Become an online merchant or boost sales and save money with online e-commerce solutions.
£500 Challenge
We'll compare rates against your existing provider. If we can't show a cost saving, we'll pay you £500 in cash!
Multiple Banks
Thanks to our impartial partnerships with many different acquirers, we can always find the best deal for you.
No interruption
Our simple, quick and hassle-free switching process causes no interruption to business processes.

Frequently asked questions

What is PCI and why do I need to be compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accept, transmit or store cardholder data maintain a secure environment. Not being compliant can result in fines from the card schemes and non-compliance fees may be enforced by your merchant services provider. For more information on PCI DSS, please visit the official PCI Security Standards website: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/.

What is MMC?

MMC stands for Minimum Monthly Charge. This is the amount that your business has to accumulate in transaction charges per month. If this is not met, the £ difference is deducted accordingly.

Why am I being charged when I haven’t received my terminal?

Within the term of the contract, you may be charged before you receive your terminal but you will only pay the correct amount of payments. Within the terms and conditions it states you are liable for the contract as soon as you sign the agreement.

When will I receive my 'buyout'?

Your buyout will be paid on receipt of your invoice from your previous supplier. This will then be paid within 60 days.

How do I get an additional terminal?

Please call 0344 2938 850, option 4 and then option 2 to speak to our Customer Services Team who will handle this for you.

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