Price Challenge Terms

Card Saver Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is only available to potential Card Saver customers and does not apply to existing customers. In entering your details you have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. You hereby confirm that all information provided by you in respect of the Price Challenge is accurate, up-to-date and complete and understand that in the event that it is found that any information provided by you is not as such then Card Saver reserves the right to refuse to pay the Price Challenge fee.
  3. On entering the Price Challenge, you will provide Card Saver with copies of your merchant statements from the prior three months. Card Saver will then calculate whether they are able to offer you an overall saving per annum, such calculation to include terminal rental, card processing fees (MSC), minimum monthly service charge (MMSC), PCI DSS fees (including non-compliance fees), any membership costs if applicable, authorisation fees, and any other associated fees. Any cost incurred to switch provider will not be taken into consideration within the savings calculation.
  4. The £1000 will be paid to a participating business if we cannot offer any overall saving per annum when calculated as at 3 above.
  5. Should we successfully reduce your costs but you are subsequently declined for a facility by any of our panel of acquiring banks, then no Price Challenge payment will be made to you.
  6. The Price Challenge is not open to trade sectors prohibited or restricted by our acquiring banks, and/or to businesses operating e-commerce or mail order/telephone order merchant accounts or using purchased point of sale terminal equipment.
  7. The Price Challenge is not open to customers using PAYG solutions and the customer must be paying a terminal rental fee at the time of applying for the Price Challenge.
  8. Card Saver reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all claims and may, in its sole discretion, refuse to pay the Price Challenge fee if the customer fails to satisfy eligibility requirements or gives false information.
  9. Payments will be made by BACS and sent to customers by post as soon as is practical. For the purpose of this agreement time is not of the essence.
  10. Card Saver does not accept any liability for lost or delayed payments, howsoever caused.
  11. In the event that you qualify for a payment under the Price Challenge scheme, Card Saver will not be liable for and will make no contribution to any termination fee that you may incur in terminating your existing agreement.
  12. Card Saver reserves the right to withhold and/or refuse payment where we suspect that any false or fraudulent claim is being made.
  13. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot provide a merchant facility for any businesses that have an existing contractual or other business relationship with our panel of acquiring banks or any of their associated businesses and, if applicable, the Price Challenge does not apply.
  14. By entering into the Price Challenge you agree to be included in Card Saver’s promotional material.
  15. The decision of Card Saver is final and at its sole discretion and no dispute will be entered into.
  16. If the £1000 Price Challenge fee is paid out to you, you will not qualify for the Price Challenge again.

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