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20 Million card payments made in Britain each day are now contactless


£20 Million card payments made in Britain each day are now contactless - with 'tap and go' sales rising to £69bn last year

New Natwest bank cards allow countless payments with fingerprint instead of chip and pin


Updated biometric cards allow people to pay for things over £30 contactless limit without having to type numbers

We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day


This International Women's Day we're celebrating all of the fantastic women in the Card Saver team, including Nichola, our Head of Operations

Card Saver Teams Up With Blackpool FC To Give Fans Hassle-Free Payment Options


Card Saver is today delighted to announce it is Blackpool Football Club’s new payment technology provider – a partnership which will allow fans to buy tickets and merchandise via a range of hassle-free methods.

Kensington and Chelsea Council consider making parking meters cashless to curb thefts


Organised crime gangs armed with sledgehammers and vacuum cleaners target parking meters in London, causing the council to consider cashless machines

Social media conversations reveal surging demand for mobile payments


People now expect “always on” ability to pay by card or contactless in new survey

A guide to accepting card payments for your business


With customers now expecting businesses to be able to accept multiple payment types, there is currently a large drive for fast, convenient and often contactless payment options.

‘Dream Team’ Rose and Rimmer reunite in bid for titles


Champion boxer Brian Rose has teamed up with long-time coach and mentor Bobby Rimmer in his bid for titles.

Cash machines are vanishing at “alarming rate” as THOUSANDS close each year


With more than 25 million people dependent on readies, a watchdog has warned a large chunk of the population is struggling to access “the cash they rely on”

Credit card spending shoots up as customers turn to extra protections


UK credit card users spent almost nine percent more last month than the year before, as more customers start using credit as their go-to way of paying at the tills.