Free Faster Funding

Are you tired of waiting days or even weeks to access the funds you need? We have a game-changing solution for you: Free Faster Funding. With our innovative service, you can say goodbye to slow and costly funding processes and hello to swift, efficient, and fee-free access to the funds you deserve.

Imagine having the power to accelerate your business growth, seize opportunities, and meet your financial needs without unnecessary delays. Our Free Faster Funding service is designed to empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals like you by eliminating the traditional barriers that hinder access to funds.

Step 1


Take payments throughout the day before the end of your banking period.

Step 2


Payments will be received into your acquiring bank and processed.

Step 3


Funds will be deposited into your bank account the next working day.

‘Settlement’ is when authorised transactions are sent to the acquiring bank for payment to you.  This typically takes 3-5 working days.

Faster funding speeds up the delivery of funds from card payments to your bank account to one business day. 

Your takings will reach your account one business day after your funds have been settled (submitted to the acquiring bank). 

Your funds are settled every day at the end of your 24 hour banking window – usually 2am

Card payments taken between Monday and Thursday will be processed the same day and sent to your issuing bank the following day.

Funds are not processed during weekends, so card payments taken on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be issued on the following Monday.

Funds are not submitted into your account over the weekend. 

Payments taken on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be submitted to your account on the following Monday.

You do not need to run an End of Day report on your terminal to receive your takings via Next Day Settlement. Your terminal will automatically batch your takings for settlement at the end of the daily banking window.

Why choose Card Saver?

We have partnerships in place with international banks meaning if you’ve been declined previously, we will be able to accommodate your business.

Butcher, baker or candlestick maker, we have a large range of payment solutions for any business type, backed by a price guarantee meaning if we can’t save you money we pay you.


We have partnerships with six international banks meaning if you've been declined previously, we will be able to accommodate your business at competitive prices.

Price Guarantee

If you are currently in a contract with another provider we guarantee to give you a saving or we pay you £1000.

Rated 'Excellent'

With over 1,500 independently verified reviews on Trustpilot, we pride ourselves on being a customer focused business.

UK Support

We have in-house, UK based customer and technical support teams on hand to help you with any queries or problems when you need it.

We'll give you

£ 500

if we can't beat your current rates!

In a contract? No problem!

If you are currently in a contract with another provider we guarantee to give you a saving or we pay you £1000.

We can also help pay the costs of cancellation up to £400 per terminal you use.

PAYG customers with iZettle, SumUp & PayPal are going to face spiralling costs as more and more people pay by card – we can give you a breakdown of our charges compared to your current provider.

Card terminal

Fast and secure payments at the till, to the customer or on the go with our range of card terminals

Online gateway

Take card payments through your e-commerce website or add links to invoices to speed up payment

Phone payments

Start taking secure payments over the phone with a Card Saver virtual terminal

Cash Advance

Get a cash injection to improve your business in any way you see fit, flexible repayments to suit you.

Order & Pay Apps

Take payments via your own branded app to have a completely contact free experience for your customers.

ePOS Solution

World leading ePOS system which manages all aspects of your day to day business including stock and staff management systems.

Get a quote now to enjoy FREE next day settlements

Referral Terms and Conditions

1. Our refer a friend offer is available to existing Card Saver customers who provide a successful referral to Card Saver of a new customer incorporated in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland who take services consisting of Card Saver acquiring, Card Saver terminals or Card Saver gateway (the “qualifying services”) and subject to the criteria, exclusions and limitations below. Each successful referral in accordance with these terms shall be entitled to £100 or £150 if referral is submitted before Valentine’s Day 2020 (14th February 2020).

2. This offer is only available until for an unlimited time however this can be amended or withdrawn at Card Saver’s discretion.  

3. The referrer must not be an employee or owner of the business being referred.  

4. The referred customer must be an entity that has never had a facility with Card Saver. 

5. Card Saver’s standard account opening procedures will apply and your friend will need to be accepted as a new customer of Card Saver (which shall be at Card Saver’s sole discretion). Terms and conditions apply to all Card Saver services.  

6. A successful referral is defined as a business live with Card Saver using the qualifying services and where direct debit payment authorities are in place for both the existing and referral customer.  

7. If you pass the contact details of the referral to Card Saver, you are confirming that you have the referral customer’s permission to do so. You consent to us using your name and contact details to verify you as the referrer of your friend and in any communications we may have with your friend and to pass these details to any third parties. 

8. Provided that the terms are complied with, Card Saver will contact you directly by email for the £150 payment to be sent to you.  We will endeavour to send this within 30 days of us being satisfied that the criteria herein for a successful referral have been met.  The £150 will be sent to the email address provided in your application form but will only be issued in the name of your business and not to an individual employed by your business. 

9. This referral offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. 

10. The issue of the money is conditional of the referral merchant retaining Card Saver services at the time of issue. If Card Saver is required to terminate services or does not accept the referral merchant’s application, no money will be issued. 

11. Card Saver reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw the ‘Referral Road Scheme’ at any time for any reason. The offer is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time for any reason. The rules to the ‘Referral Road Scheme’ may be changed without notice and at the sole discretion of Card Saver. 

12. Card Saver reserves the right to refuse a claim of the £150 if it has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, a misuse of our intellectual property rights including Card Saver trademarks and/or materials, any misrepresentation; abuse of the Referral Road promotion; or any illegal or criminal activity including fraud in connection with this offer.  

13. These terms shall be governed by and interpreted within the laws of England and Wales.


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