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Give your patrons the ability to spread the cost of your club memberships over affordable monthly instalments.

How it works

A member signs up to the club to become a season ticket holder or club member and is given two options. Firstly, paying in full or spreading the cost across 10 monthly instalments with Fan Pay.
Fan Pay Option
This is then set up for the same date monthly (ideally the first of each month) in the payment system to be taken by debit or credit card. All payments are taken one month in advance and therefore membership cards can be disabled if payment isn’t made before the games are attended.
Upon agreeing to the above, a signable agreement is sent to the member via email on Adobe Sign (signed agreement needed) or via post. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the membership and also has the auto-renew clause in. Before the new season, the new pricing or reminder correspondence are issued.
Unless the supporter cancels within the renewal window their membership will automatically renew for the upcoming season. On the renewal anniversary each year, the club will then have a list of auto renewed season ticket holders. This was tested by Fleetwood Town Football Club during 2018/19 season and they are retaining more cardholders than in previous years.

Benefits of Fan Pay

No credit checks

We are not offering a credit agreement and therefore NO CREDIT CHECK is

Evergreen contract

Never lose a member with our tailor made auto renewal evergreen

Quick payments

All our payments are settled into the club bank account within seven days of the
transaction being taken.

Higher payment success rate

We use debit and credit cards on a reccurring monthly basis, meaning it’s difficult for members to cancel their payments.

Payments work one month in advance

Payments begin one month before the start of the season
(you decide the date), this means you’re being paid for ticketing in advance of the games being played.

Client testimonial

Fleetwood Town Football Club (FTFC) required an agreement from the supporter which would automatically renew season upon season unless the supporter opted out.
During this season, they had also taken the decision to enlist Zebra Finance. This didn’t go to plan with fans taking the decision not to renew due to the fact they didn’t want to take out a credit agreement.
FTFC looked for an alternative solution and this is where Card Saver stepped in and developed a whole new system for the fans to pay at the club, using the method Zebra offered without the supporter taking out a credit agreement. The system works by taking automated monthly agreed amounts from the supporters debit or credit card over a 10-month instalment plan. The beauty of the product is that ticketing is one month in advance, therefore ticketing can be disabled before the attendance of games where the instalment had not been paid. This also gives the club a steady revenue stream of monthly income.
Working with Card Saver has speeded up the payment process of our season ticket, the ‘Onward Card’. Payments via this method during 2018/19 season accounted for 60% of all of our sales.
Moving forward to 2019/20, we have removed our finance option and are funnelling our business purely into the Card Saver model due to our confidence in the system. Based on last season’s figures, this will then account for 97% of all sales.
The supporter has to be offered a simple and easy system for payment 24-7 and Card Saver does just this.

Andy Pilley

Chairman , Fleetwood Town Football Club

The alternative to credit agreements