Pop-up shops can take card payments too

Pop-up shops can take card payments too

Pop-up shops are beneficial for businesses who wish to increase their customer base for a number of reasons. Not only do they offer the opportunity to target relevant foot traffic based around events, they also allow you to create a unique experience and connect with your customers. 

Planning to open a pop-up shop can be overwhelming as there are many things to consider, such as the experience you want your customer to have, where you want your pop-up shop to be, working out all the costs, how you’ll accept payments, promotion of your pop-up shop as well as how and when you will open your shop.

Payment decisions don’t have to be as daunting as they seem – our card machines make it easy for anyone to accept card payments and from anywhere. When it comes to pop-up shops, the most popular card terminal is the mobile terminal, because they provide you with the freedom to take payments in temporary surroundings along with these other benefits:

It is more convenient

You can serve any customer who comes to the shop and it offers the customer more methods to pay as it accepts all major debit or credit cards, as well as mobile phone payments.

Less change

It removes the possibility of you running out of notes and small change. You’ll be taking fewer cash payments, therefore, you will need less cash in the pop-up shop.

Quicker process

Paying by card is much quicker than cash, even quicker now with the introduction of contactless. Quicker payments mean reduced queuing times, so you can provide elite service even at the busiest times.

Mobile card terminals have made it possible for card payments to be processed in just about any location in the UK, giving customers more payment options, increasing the possibility of impulse buys and there are likely to be less queues where a mPOS is present.

Start taking fast and secure contactless payments

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