Take payments anywhere with mobile card terminals

Take payments anywhere with mobile card terminals business uk

Mobile card terminals are the perfect option for businesses who are constantly on the move. If you are tired of having to carry money, then it’s time for you to switch to card payments. Mobile card terminals can facilitate card payments virtually anywhere and are suitable for a wide range of businesses such as electricians, food trucks, photographers, takeaways and florists.

How do they work?

Mobile card terminals use GPRS technology to process payments, so if you have network coverage, you can accept card payments. Having a mobile card terminal means you are not limited to payments being taken only in one place, the card terminal will connect to the strongest network available using it’s built-in SIM card. They work in the same way as other card machines, apart from their connectivity, with contactless, chip and PIN and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay all supported by this terminal.

Card details can be entered by the customer at ease in the knowledge that their data is being sent remotely to the base unit in an encrypted way, meaning their private details cannot be intercepted. Once the data is received by the base unit, the whole process works like a fixed line point of sale terminal, with contact being made with the service provider over a GPRS connection.

Mobile terminal

Take payments on the go:

  • Easy to use
  • Best for tradespeople and events
  • Connects to mobile network
  • Fast and secure contactless payments

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